Iris Sound

is a painstakingly well
designed and constructed
private recording studio
located conveniently in
the center of California
in the historic Old Fig
Garden area of Fresno.

Iris Sound offers world
class analog gear the for
tracking and mixing of
your recordings. Iris
Sound also employs 32
channels of the highest
quality AD to DA
converters by Antelope
Audio to archive
your songs in a digital
formats ready for further

Iris Sound has a large
collection of well
maintained acoustic and
electric guitars such as
Martin, Gibson and Fender
to name a few. A variety
of clasic tube amps are
available to create any
possible tone. Various
keyboards as well as a
selection of snare drums
to compliment the Mapex
drum kit with Zildgian
K’s are ready to record.

Please visit our Gear Page
to see the complete
collection of gear and
available microphones.

Iris sound has a large
selection of well known
microphones, preamps, and
signal processing equipment.
We have many combinations
of analog gear that
can create almost any
well known vocal chain
that will compliment
and enhance your vocals.
You don’t have to go to
L.A. to record through
a Brauner Phantom V mic
and A-Designs Pacifica
preamp. You won’t believe
what you can sound like
in Fresno.