It arrived today 1/31/2019. A
very silent 1966 Vibro Champ
in perfect original condition.
Has very probably the original
tubes. Not one piece of this
amp has been changed. I have
never seen a vintage Fender
amp this original. Sound
better than it looks.

Is that a 1962 Strat in
Sonic Blue?

The tracking room this week.

Found a note from Gale Lawson from Lawson microphones after updating the model 47 with the 251. Thank you Gale and Gene.

An APB DynaSonics Pro Desk 4 above getting ready to be installed.

Console rack gear below including an SSL style Master Buss Compressor by Vintage Audio

Iris Sound’s gear is wired up.

In the middle rack, directly
under a Manley ELOP
is Anthony Demeria Labs
take on a pair of LA3A

Iris Sound has spared
little in making the worlds
best audio recording equipment
available for studio recording
and mixing in the Fresno area.
It doesn’t get any better.
Please see our equipment
page for a complete listing
recording gear and instruments.

Above is a retubed and recapped
Ampeg Reverb Rocket from a long
time ago. It has survived all
this time with just a small tear
to the grill cloth.

This is a nice piece of mahogany
from a limited edition G & L. Only
250 were made. Iris has number 120.

Phoenix Audio DRS Q4 Mark II above. Designed by David Rees
who before starting Phoenix
starting Phoenix was a designer
for Neve and responsible for the
famous 2253/4 limiter/compressor.
Iris has two channels.

I have many favorite brands of tubes. Above is a NOS JAN military tube known low microphonics.

What I don’t buy, I build. This is
a Op-Amp for an API style solid state microphone preamp. I like to change things out for a particular sound.

A few from my collection below