Please contact the email above
for any questions. I ususally
will reply that evening.


Just picked up the one and
only Neumann U47 FET.
Everyone knows what this is.
Will be on the kick drum
tomorrow. Got another
great price from Front End
Audio. Will check out all
the preamps and see which
ones like the 47 the best.

Jonathan 03/24/2022


Starting to use Harrison
Mixbus32 a bit more. I like
it. We will see. I have held
out all these years and no
ProTools. Maybe I will
break down some day

Jonathan 12/03/2021

I pulled out the APB
Dynasonic mixer. As good as
it sounds, the Flock Audio
units make switching
inputs so easy…
Will save it if the need
arises for a live gig. An SSL
UF8 Control surface takes
it’s place. I miss the faders.

Jonathan 10 /15 2021


An old friend Nick Schuller
stopped by Iris Sound today.
He was amazed by the studio,
I was amazed by his playing.
Nick is a graduate of
the SFCM (San Fransisco
Conservatory of Music) and it
shows. We had a great time.
Nick played several of my
guitars, taking home the
335 with P90’s to use on his
YouTube channel. He is going
to audition a different one
every once in a while for his
channel, Sweet Street Studios.
An awesome day talking an
album to record.

Jonathan 06/27/2021


UA LA2A’s will be installed
next few weeks. The Warm
Audio WA2A’s will go away.
I don’t think there is a finer
compressor for strings and
vocals. The mic inputs in the
tracking room go directly
into the the rack preamps.
From there into the Flock
Audio followed by the
compressors or EQ’s. After
the entire analog front end,
and only after that, finally
into the Antelope Orion 32’s
for digital conversion. Starting
to use Harrison Mix Buss 32C
for, well, mixing!

Jonathan 05/15/2021


Replacing the Warm Audio 76
compressors with the real thing.
Two UA 1176’s are on the way.
Ordered two Neuman TLM67’s.
Some things are starting to take
a while to get as parts get hard
to source. We will see.

Jonathan 04/15/2021


Added another Flock Audio 32.
All the rack gear can easily be
changed to any configuration
needed with a click of the
mouse. No more patch cables
ever. A Manley Vari Mu is on
the way. Can’t wait to hear
their version of the Faichild

Jonathan 02/22/2021


More mics on the way. Iris is
now ready to complete stellar
recordings of any acoustic
instrument. A very transparent
mic preamp is on the way. A
Buzz Audio QSP-20 will be a
perfect fit with the new Schopes
CMC6 MK5 with cardiod/omni
capulses. Also, a superlative
stereo set of DPA 2006A’s that
also have omni capsules were
Not many people will ever get
to hear themselves playing
their classical guitar through
the signal chain now available
at Iris Sound.

Side note; finally bought a mic
adapter for a Royer ribbon and
an SM57. Holds then perfectly
in place to decrease phase
issues. One min stand only!

Jonathan 1/23/2020


Still updating the studio. A
never ending but fun project.
I collect microphones so,
the mic locker keeps getting
better. Neumann KM 184’s
to compliment the Gefell
M300’s. Acoustic instruments
and drum overheads will be
of the uses for these.

My favorite mics are
vocal mics. I finally picked up
an AEA R44CE, a very high end
ribbon mic recreation of the
famous RCA 44 ribbon mic that
Sinatra used on many hit songs.
This mic design has been used
for over 80 years in studios
around the world. This is the
mic in all the black and white
movie jazz scenes with Billie

The Neumann M149 is the
current top of the line vocal
mic produced by Neumann.
Iris sound now has one,
waiting to be delivered from
Front End Audio. Iris Sound
has the some of the worlds
best microphones for vocals.
Neumann, Brauner, and
Lawson mics are found in
high end studios across
Europe and the Americas.
If you would like to hear
your voice through some of
the worlds best microphones,
drop us a line. You will not
believe your ears when you
hear yourself for the first
time singing through a vocal
chain picked out just for
your voice.

Jonathan 12/30/2020


An older Gretsch GA-8T now is
now ready to play. A real nice
sounding tube amp from 1959.
Also built a Gretsch GA-5 clone
from a kit by Mojotone Amps.
Fun to build, better to hear!

Jonathan 08/16/2020


Update with Tegeler Audio.
After ordering a new switch
that was damaged in
shipping, the switch was
lost by FedEx in Memphis.
Tegeler would not send a
new switch and insisted I
wait. So, I repaired the
damaged switch myself
(cheap Chineses switch)
found on Ebay for $4. I
actually had to file a
claim with PayPal to
get my $60 refunded to
me. Buyer beware, these are
Chinese parts masquerading
as high end German stuff with
stolen paint schemes from real
pro audio gear. And sound wise,
not on par with anything in my
racks. Sound on Sound mag
did a review a while back
with a pic of their gear with
hot glue all over their XLR outs,
to their Chinses transformers,
and then dripped over a 12ax7
tube. I don’t see any hot glue
on Manley gear I own. Wow!
According to my oscilloscope,|
there were a few to many cheap
fried and noisy resistors for me.
Needless to say, It didn’t make
it to my racks.

Jonathan 07/16/2020


A Collings OM ASB is the
latest in the guitar collection.
The guitar is perfect and
spent most of its life
resting in its case. The
sound is stunning. You
can finger pick or strum.
Can’t wait to dial in some
mics for tracking.

Jonathan 07/15/2020


Found a Gretsch 6193
Country Club in natural
with a spruce top. These
were a rare error. The top
should have been maple.
Less then 15 or so were
made. Not in the Gretsch
catalog for that year.
Quite the error! Excellent
sound from the single coil

Jonathan 06/02/2020


A new Tegeler Audio 32
Channel Tube Summing
Amp was installed soon.
Should add some nice tube
harmonics to some final
mixes. A new Orion Audio
32 + Gen 3 is coming soon.
Same great conversion and
the monitor chain will be
easier to deal with.

Jonathan 05/10/2020


The pandemic situation
we are in has temporarily
put a halt to the performing
arts. During this time, we
will update what was 
planned in the studio for
better recording experiences
in the future.

Jonathan 04/04/2020


We now have digital
patching. Just purchased
a Flock Audio 32. After
install, we can patch all
our outboard gear (around
50+ individual channels)
through and patch using
software. This is a huge
deal for workflow. Thank
you Craig from Sound Pure in
in Atlanta for quick shipping!

Jonathan 02/20/2020


I am so impressed with
the APB Dynasonics Pro
Desk as the front end of
Iris Sound. The engineers
that designed this mixer
have a total of over 75
years experience in audio
design and manufacturing.
The sound of the Pro Desk
is so pristine going into the
EQ section. Even with 17
channels of outboard
preamps available at Iris,
we will still use the board
often for tracking. The
preamp sound quality of
this board is on par with
any format Trident
or SSL board made. Don’t
forget, even Neve Consoles
used NE5534 Opamps that
come in Guitar Center
Presonus gear. The APB
desks use Burr Brown
opamps that are the
replacement ICs most
repair centers use in SSL
and Trident consoles when
they come in for repair.


If you need some crunch
for your kick drum, we
can always run it through
our Great River NP 2-NV.

Jonathan 12/22/2019


Found a great deal on a
Martin 017 Tenor guitar
made in 1973. Had to get it.

Jonathan 10/04/2019


The headphone monitoring
in the tracking room is
setup and working well.
The Power Play system
is run through to Antelope
Orion 32 ADAT output.
You can now hear yourself
or any other instrument
perfectly clear.

Jonathan 07/15/2019


I just added to the amp
collection. An extra clean
1966 Fender Tremolux. 35
watts of clean Fender tone.
Shoud be hear next week.

Also, a mint Fender Vibro
Champ from 1966 again. Can
you say Johnny Marr of the
Smiths? This amp sat in a
closet for over 40 years.

An upgrade with reverb. A
rack addition to the control
room. A new TC Electronics
M 3000. Many new reverbs
in comparison to the still
in use M2000. I still have
many convolution software
verbs including Bricasti.
The M3000 has a few more
plated reverbs that I can’t
wait to use.

Jonathan 04/27/2019


Recently purchased an
Electroslide 6 string
lap steel guitar from
Fouke Industrial Guitars
after an exhaustive search.
Please go to Chris’s site
to see his one of a kind
handmade instruments. Very
unique Lap Steels.
Will be trying it out next
month upon delivery.

Finally able to order a new
a pair of Microtech Gefell M300
90th Anniversary Ed matched
set. A mostly unknown microphone
in the US and very hard to get.
A superlative example of a
small condenser microphone hand
made in Germany by a company
founded by George Neumann in
1928. He was famous for just
a few other microphones. The
microphone set comes with a
stereo mount for ORTF, spaced
pair, and x-y setup for superb
imaging of the source. With
these mics in the tracking room,
you will not get a better sound
from any hand held stringed
instrument. The best possible
replacement for the
unobtainable Neumann KM84.

Waiting for a few cables to
finish installing the in ear
monitoring system. I have
4 units that can be adjusted
by the musician/vocalist for
their own mix. These will
actually help improve
performance by giving
the musician a mix they can
control by themselves during
tracking sessions.

Thanks for taking the time
to read. Will continue t